Carbon Asset Management

The global community has set targets towards zero net emissions by 2050. To achieve these targets, there is need to have a dedicated Carbon asset management system that tracks the progress of governments, companies or individuals. Such targets are monitored through dedicated ICT systems or MRV systems. As the global community moves towards adopting the enhanced transparency framework starting 2024, a greater responsibility in tracking our Carbon footprints will be required and may include developing countries.

SUNI supports companies and governments to track their progress towards achieving net-zero Carbon emissions, whether on voluntary basis, by allocated quotas or for meeting NDC targets. We have dedicated technology that helps to track emissions either at personal level, company level or at national level.


We have decades of experience and expertise in finance, asset management, and carbon markets, ensuring that every dollar invested makes the biggest impact.

We advise on the financial viability of carbon projects through proven streaming models that rely on economic variables for project selection such as Internal rate of Return (IRR, Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), and Net Present Value (NPV), therefore helping individuals, companies and governments source for financing of the carbon projects and make informed investments.