Carbon Credit Marketing & Trading

SUNI has established strong working relationship with many international partners including the leading carbon buyers, carbon aggregators, energy companies, industries, corporates, the banking sector, the commodities market and the investment firms to facilitate the process of issuance of Carbon credits. We are qualified and certified in trading in every classification of carbon asset from all the standards, providing quality carbon offset credits for climate friendly projects.
Our team of professionals can assist you select the most energy-efficient technologies for your program or application. We adopt a thorough method to identify the ideal technology solution, taking into consideration a balance of energy savings, availability, supportive legislation, and other critical components.

We target to link the developing countries with premium carbon markets to help them access the best carbon financing for their sustainable development objectives.

We work hand in hand with carbon owners from the early stage of their projects guiding them through the processes of feasibility, data collection, MRV systems, registration of projects, validation and verification and the marketing and trading of their carbon. We provide continuous technical support all along the carbon certification way.

We support some initiatives with prepaid offtakes and design straight financial structures and flexible legal frameworks to ensure long term visibility and fairness for asset owners.